JWALA - Home for Mentally Challanged
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Mother's Message
After finishing all my duties, then I decided not be burden to my children. I met the great DR. SARATHA MENON who was specialist in handling SCHIZOPHRENIA patients and she gave me an opportunity to work in her organization. In short farm it is called SCARF. The center in purely for MENTALLY ILL. The home was in THIRUVERKADU and there I worked for 60 patients. I loved that job but because of some reasons I came out.

Then I went and approached MR. VIDYAGAR Founder of UDAVAMKARANGAL. He helped me to join in PATHWAY. This center is near to MAMALLAPURAM. The placed called KOOTHAVAKKAM. Here the students are mentally challenged One fine day I started thinking how long we can work for others. Then I decided to do something to my native place. Here I made a survey and I came to know parents pain and problems then I decided to work for these girls who was not cared by the family. Now we have 26 girls with us. The girls are very safe in our love and care. No doubt with the help of staffs and volunteers Jwala will shine.
Mrs. Bhanumathi Appaji
Mother of Jwala
Recent Update
Beneficiary Institution (SWIFT FIELD 57A):
A/c No. 3582-069922-001

We request good Samaritans to offer donations for our proposed building at Murungapakkam, Puducherry.
Donations are Exempted U/S 80G(5) (VI).
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