JWALA - Home for Mentally Challanged
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About us
On March 3rd 2006, we purchased a small piece of land we are planning to construct our home, suitable for mentally challenged girls and women. In the future, we would like to start a day care school for Mentally Challenged Children. We have only Girls and Women in our Jwala Home. So we have only female staff to assist the children. Our male volunteers will come in the day time to help the children in painting and framing. Jwala is lucky to get lovable & dedicated staff's also volunteers. No doubt, Jwala will shine with the help of staff's and volunteers.
A day at Jwala starts with yoga. This is good for the children's mental and physical wellbeing. Then, it is time for bathing and breakfast a part of the group (daily different children) go for a healthy walk in the surrounding area. At ten o'clock the morning activity will start. This varies every day; beed work, drawing, painting, animal bingo, card making and education. Some of these artworks are for sale, to help Jwala to generate income. Because working makes hungry after the activities all are having lunch at one o'clock. Lunch is mostly provided by generous sponsors / well wishers.
A little bit of rest follows after lunch, before the afternoon activities start. The afternoon is filled with different things, like indoor games, rhymes, songs and story-telling. At three o'clock the time for physical exercise has come. This includes ball games and dancing lessons. After exercising the children they take their second bath of the day and get ready for the evening.
Yoga in the morning Daily Walk Painting
Drawing Playing memory cards Toys
Making cards Lunch Games
Computer education
Recent Update
Beneficiary Institution (SWIFT FIELD 57A):
A/c No. 3582-069922-001

We request good Samaritans to offer donations for our proposed building at Murungapakkam, Puducherry.
Donations are Exempted U/S 80G(5) (VI).
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